How Do I Know if it's Real?

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Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) is a made up concept.

But so is Organic, Fair Trade, Hormone-free, and even Religion. A concept is validated, meaningful, and adhered to when enough people believe in its story. And when the story is compelling and beneficial to our lives, we trust it. We propel it forward. We invite others to experience its salubrity. We act in alignment with its narrative.

This is how an an idea turns it into an institution. .
The FDA wasn’t created alongside Earth right after the Big Bang. It came out of a time of tension- when mascara was causing blindness and beverages contained radioactive ingredients. The FDA was institutionalized to regulate the sincerity and efficacy of that which people use and consume.

And who decided this then?

A small group of people. .
Who subscribes to this authority now? .
Hundreds of millions of people.

CPTG wasn’t invented by the now globally recognized FDA. It came out of a time of tension– when bottles of essential oil weren’t delivering as they promised, and their purity was falsely advertised. Lacking quality reports no doubt. CPTG was created to regulate the quality and therapeutic benefit of essential oils, and to remind us that our medicine cabinets have roots in the natural world. Thus it was designed to represent a series of rigorous testing to control for the highest quality product and to offer the control reports free of charge.

And who created it then?

A small group of people, now known as doTERRA. Who subscribes to this authority now? Six and a half million people.

The best ideas aren’t instantly embraced because they require significant change. But when trust is earned and the side effects of a concept radiate with benefit, an institution is born.

So I ask you now, when was the last time you changed your mind?

Organic is a made up word.