Sever the I

sever the i.jpg

Sever the I.

The I holds the stories we tell ourselves.

The I propels the voices that tell us we can’t, shouldn’t, or be able to even if we tried.

The I is the illusory self that we feel uncompromisingly attached to- submissive to its whims, slave to its outlandish and impossible to achieve ideals.

The I is also the source of our magic. Our creative vessel. The portal through which we learn, teach, explore and love. It is the challenging master and the door to freedom simultaneously.

Thus, in severing, we must not discard. Careful to make sure we observe when the story loops present our demise, and hold with gratitude when we acknowledge a greatness within.

Without this I who knows what would become of us. But, perhaps our journey is to find out.

Wrestling with our I is the single greatest challenge many of us face in persevering into our greatness. Myself most certainly included.

Which is why I am announcing a series called Triumphing Our Imposter Syndrome. We will explore ways to OBSERVE our I, the emotional, physical and mental signs we are letting our I win, and plant based tools (cough cough essential oils) we can use to presence ourselves and create change.

Dates staring from Jan. 15, 2019. A badass human has already signed up. FUCK YEAH to taking ownership.