Ideas Eat the Status Quo for Breakfast



Everything we do, say, and think of are ideas– constructed by humans, and absorbed by the rest. The best ones, not necessarily the most positive ones, win. Without our consent they capture our attention, become memories, and in time if adhered to by enough people, they mould the status quo.

Being born in the stream of inertia, these ideas unapologetically build the vernacular of our inner dialogue, and we mistake them for our own.

Inertia, defined as “a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged,” is a flow we’ve all succumbed to at one time or another. Where the pain of living as is does not outweigh the pain of change. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Some still live there.

What does this inertia sound like?

Blame is something you can cast outwardly. “If only I had X, then I could do Y.”

“I’m not inspired now so I can’t possibly work on my art.”

“I don’t have time."

“I have to say yes to this person or else what if they don’t like or trust me in the future?”

“I have to do what is expected of me because it’s safer than taking a risk and being wrong.”

Do these sound familiar? They do to me. They are the thought loops that come along with our society coupled with the idealistic consolations “keep calm and carry on,” and “December 31st– that’s when I will make a change in my life.”

Recognizing these thoughts in your brain is the first step. The second and by far the most challenging, but equally as rewarding, is the choice you have to make, on a daily basis. And forget on a daily basis. And remind yourself on a daily basis. Because inertia is hard to jeer, and your fear loops have deep incisions. But remember, just because they’re deep doesn’t mean they’re indelible.