Show Up. The Rest is a Lucky Bonus.


When the outcome is better than the original idea.

Tuesday night I held my first Imposter Syndrome Workshop. Got there fifteen minutes early to notice the sign on the door that said the coffee shop was going to close at precisely the time I planned to host my gig. Oops. Winter hours.

But then I sat down. Waiting for the freak show imposter syndrome to bubble up. But it didn’t. Problem solving + lathering oils = a cool solution.

Took the crew (aka me plus one person) who came in all the way from Scarborough to attend (🤩) and hauled our butts to a Starbucks. Old me would have wiled at the fact that I had to move from this space age hippy vegan epically chill cafe to Starbucks. But the mission was engaged. No time to wallow. The content was to speak for itself anyway.

One man showed up who got in off the waitlist. And the three of us HAD THE BEST TIME. Getting vulnerable. Feeling the sensations of our negative emotions. And learning just how powerful plants are at assuaging our deepest sorrows.

Left feeling empowered. Even though 2/5 showed up, I knew the smaller the better. No doubts. Just showing up to help people (self included) wake up.

That’s all folks. That’s all there is. The rest is a lucky bonus.