Your Fear is Boring


You fear is why you are alive. Literally. Your ancestors used, honed, and perfected their fight or flight response so that they didn’t get eaten by a lion lurking behind them in the forest.

But your creative ingenuity is not a lion. Your brilliant piece of writing that could inspire people’s daily lives is not a tiger. The result of speaking up for an idea you believe in isn’t going to eat you alive like some poisonous mushroom you ate thinking it was a different species.

We don’t have the same threats we used to but we still have our fear response system. And thankfully too- otherwise we might not know that running horizontally through traffic is a scattered limb disaster waiting to happen. But still. This response doesn’t circumstantially discriminate and thus we use it to hold ourselves back when we unconsciously associate death/rejection with an action that is frightening and uncomfortable.

“Your fear is the most boring thing about you because it only ever has one thing to say, and that thing is STOP!” @elizabeth_gilbert_writer .

Survival of the fittest gets a new hat today. Because, my friends, biohacking our emotional response system is within our grasps! With a wee bit o’ mindfulness and plants, but doable nonetheless. And, as a recovering perfectionist, might I say HIGHLY worth the effort.