Deciding How Long You Want to Stay Angry for is a Modern Day Superpower

What indelible mark might you make on your life and the world on the basis of one of these emotions?” @samharrisorg .

You have a superpower: you can decide how long you want to stay [insert negative emotion here] for.

How will you decide to take control of your feelings instead of letting them control you? Will you observe the summersault sensations of anxiety in the pit of your stomach? Will you meditate for 10 minutes? Will you pause before you scream at someone? Will you pay attention to why you might be judging someone and how that judgement is a reflection of an insecurity you hold about yourself? Will you grab a bottle of essential oil like lavender or copaiba (or both *!*) to assist you with all of the above?

I do. Three drops in the palm of my hand cupped in front of my nose. With eyes closed I take three DEEP inhalations at least 7 seconds long, and exhale similarity.

Curious about how meditation can transform your emotional response system and how oils add greater depth to the process? Me too- my workshop on triumphing imposter syndrome might have some clues